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Hope, Justice and Healing

 Kaufman Texas, - Located on Washington Street in the City of Kaufman sits a house co-mingled with other local businesses that while mostly going unnoticed, has a tremendous impact on the children of Kaufman County. This unassuming ordinary house is a non-profit organization that coordinates, supports, and participates in an interdisciplinary response to child abuse victims and their families. The victims find a host of caring professionals and community partners dedicated to helping them through their nightmare of abuse and neglect. The Kaufman County Child Advocacy Center provides a safe place for these children to tell their stories and receive the help they need. Inside the walls of this Center, healing can begin and families find the support and resources they need.

According to statistics from the Child Advocacy Center of Texas

  •  Out of 40,000 child victims in Texas last year, 26% were not old enough to attend kindergarten.
  •  Out of 40,000 child victims in Texas each year: 33% of these children are male.
  •  Out of 40,000 child victims each year: 67% of these children are female.
  •  In one year: 40,000 children receive critical services at a children’s advocacy center in Texas.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes donations to make the Kaufman County Children’s Advocacy Center run on a daily basis. The Center is totally non-profit and is funded by grants and donations only.

They depend on people like you and me to make sure that these children who have already been through so much receive the needed care they deserve.

Each of us has a moral obligation to help every child in Kaufman County feel that they are safe. Please help this important endeavor by making donations to support the work that is done here. Donations can be made by going to www.kaufmanccac.org, or mailing a check to Kaufman County Children’s Advocacy Center, 500 South Washington Street, Kaufman Texas 75142. Credit Cards are also accepted.