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 K-9’s Go to School for Career Day

Gun Barrel, Texas – Two of Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office K-9’s “Tank” and “Max” along with their handlers, Deputy Chad Hill, and Deputy Curtis Billings spoke to students at the Lakeview Elementary School early Thursday morning May 10, 2012.

A room filled with wide eyed excited children watched as both K-9’s announced their arrival with a proud presence. Max the seasoned K-9 of the two was ready to impress. Answering to the commands of his handler, he sat patiently wanting to please. Deputy Billings explained what it was like to be a K-9 team and what kind of training both he and Max had to go through to become a team. Poised on the other side of the room, was Tank and his handler Deputy Chad Hill. Tank is the newest to the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit and this being his first outing at a public gathering, he was a little excited.

Deputy Hill explained to the children what being a K-9 team meant to him, what the dogs were trained to do, and how he became a K-9 handler. At the end of the presentation Max and Deputy Billings demonstrated for the children just how good a K-9’s nose is, and gave Max a command to go find contraband hidden in the room. Max sniffed it out and received his reward for a good job. Deputy Billings told the children, “It’s all a game to Max, “He thinks he’ll find his toy.”

Sheriff David Byrnes stated, “It is important for young people to learn all about the different careers in law enforcement.” “They are our future in helping to keep our communities a safe place to live.”