Carl Thomas, better known as Skip to his family and close personal friends, passed away October 5, 2011, as the result of a very rare liver disease. Unfortunately, the disease went undetected and untreated until a few weeks prior to his passing.

Skip was required to be off from his job as a Patrol Sergeant for the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office for an extended period of time due to his health issues. Skip had missed very little work during his eleven year tenure at the Sheriff’s Office. Subsequently, Skip had a lot of compensatory time, sick time and vacation time and he thought he would be able to return to work prior to utilizing all of this time. However, Skip never got better and his health continued to decline. Prior to Skip’s death, he exhausted all of his time off and had no source of income. Fortunately, Skip’s family was in a better financial situation than many families and was able to provide financial assistance to pay his personal bills and premiums.

Skip loved God, his family, his profession, his position as a Patrol Sergeant for a great Sheriff’s Office, and he loved and respected his co-workers greatly. Skip often spoke about how fortunate he was to have a family that could offer financial support to him in his time of need. He also voiced many concerns about other first responder’s who could have a similar situation fall upon them.

Because of Skip’s love for God, family, country, fellow deputies and other first responders, the Thomas family wishes to establish the Carl “Skip “ Thomas Memorial Fund. This Fund will aid first responders that may find themselves in a devastating life situation without any means of support or a way to provide for their family and the daily necessities of  life.

The fund has been established at the American National Bank of Texas in Kaufman. It is perpetual and will be managed by Wendy Thomas, A sister of Skip’s and will continually consist of a board comprised from a member of the Thomas family, the Kaufman County Sheriff, and Thomas Family Legal Counsel.

Donations may be made to the Carl “Skip” Thomas Memorial Fund at the American National Bank of Texas, at the Kaufman Branch and are tax deductible.

 Any first responder that finds themselves in a similar situation as Skip may apply for financial assistance by contacting Wendy Thomas at , or  972-932-4369.

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